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As we’re approaching the Christmas holiday, the kids are tired and in need of a break from the routine and pressures at school.  Quality time spent at home with the family, playing games together is my ideal way to spend the Christmas break. After reading through the most popular buzzfeed quizzes, I decided to go ahead and start my own quizzes for my children. It’s no hidden secret that quizzes are SUPER interactive and almost addictive!

I’ve also recently come across a website called Education Quizzes and I’m quite impressed – so let me tell you about it!

Education Quizzes is a subscription service that offers an array of fun quizzes for children.  We’ve been looking at the KS1 quizzes for O, as he’s currently in Year 1, although there are quizzes available for KS2, KS3 and GCSE level too.

The quizzes are split into topics, including English, Geography, Maths and Art & Design, where you can then choose a specific area of focus to complete a quiz on.  O chose the English subject first, as he loves to read, and chose a quiz titled “Read Me – Capital Letters (Book Titles)” to have a go at.  The quizzes are so easy to load – just hit the play button next to the quiz you’d like to take, and you’re off!  It also records previous scores, so you can also retake the quiz another time to encourage improvement and further learning.

Here’s an example question;

Education Quizzes

The website loads fine and works well on an iPhone and iPad too – a great tool for occupying the children for half an hour while you prepare dinner.  Or, even better, a way to get quizzing with your kids!  I’ve written before about my and hubs’ love for playing quizzing board games – and if we ever get a babysitter, we’re quite partial to a Pub Quiz too!  I’d love to think we could pass on  our love for quizzing by using the Education Quizzes website with O.

The quizzes are written by experienced teachers and are a fun way to help your children learn without realising they are doing so.  They pose just enough of a challenge that the children don’t get bored or tired of them being difficult.  Most children love the idea of a bit of screen time and get very quickly engrossed by a website like this, which offers a great variety of topics.

A subscription to Education Quizzes costs £9.95 per month, and I like that you aren’t tied into a minimum subscription – you really can cancel at any time, even after just one month. That way, you have chance to try it out and see if your children enjoy using it.  Many schools encourage learning using educational apps on tablets and use them in class with the students.  There’s a special discounted rate for schools if they sign up so many children, so it may be worth letting your kids’ teachers know about the Education Quizzes service.

Do you love quizzing?  How do you make learning fun for your children?

Disclosure:  We were paid to review this website, however all words and opinions are our own.

2 thoughts on “Learning Fun with Education Quizzes

  1. I really like this idea and love the fact that there’s no commitment to use it for longer than a month. It’s the sort of thing I’d use in the summer holidays when they have a bit more time, or before exams when they have things to revise.

  2. I love quizzes and we often have a themed night where we make up our own questions -we work on pairs to make it easier -great fun

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