Me and Mine – December 2016

Our last family portrait of 2016!  I’ve loved taking part in this project over the last few months and will be a lot more consistent with it in 2017.  It’s become part of our monthly routine, and so it should.  I’m rarely included on our photographs as I’m usually the one behind the camera – I’m sure many other mums and bloggers are the same!  Anyway.  The Me and Mine project gives us a good reason to make sure we take a monthly snapshot of our family and see how our little unit has perfectly changed and grown over time.

Me and Mine - December 2016

Me and Mine - December 2016

This December has been our first as a family of four, and Q’s first Christmas.  We’ve had an amazing festive period with lots going on!  I plan to write a separate post so won’t go into lots of detail here.  We’ve spent lots of time at home, hosting family gatherings and playing with new games and toys as a family.  Santa was very good to us all – we’re very lucky to have so many kind and caring people in our lives.

Me and Mine - December 2016

Me and Mine - December 2016

This month…

A has been loving:

+ surprise on the kids faces on Christmas morning
+ new Parka jacket
+ making Christmas dinner and a loaded Sherry trifle
+ finishing work for a good break with the family

Steph has been loving:

+ an amazing Christmas at home with the family
+ a very yummy homemade Christmas dinner
+ all the chocolate
+ regular lie-ins(!)

O has been loving:

+ being a Shepherd in the school Christmas Play
+ school holidays
+ having a party on Christmas Day at home
+ preparing for and discovering that Santa ‘had been’

Q has been loving:

+ melon
+ getting his first two teeth
+ experiencing his first Christmas
+ *almost* crawling on hands and knees instead of commando-style

As it’s our last Me and Mine for 2016, I thought I’d include a couple of my favourite family pics from the year…  Here we go!

Me and Mine May 2016

Me and Mine August 2016

Me and Mine - October 2016

Me and Mine - November 2016

Here’s to an awesome 2017 with a year’s full of captures!  Bring it on.  Happy new year!

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  1. It’s lovely to look back at family captures isn’t it? You have so many gorgeous ones of you all together here. Love first Christmases there are so the best and ones you don’t forget. Hope you had a great new years too. Happy New Year #meandmineproject

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