Q: 9 Months Update

Well, Q, you are now 9 months old – and what an eventful ninth month it has been!  In my last update, I talked about how you enjoyed our trip to Legoland Windsor and Disneyland Paris.  Since then, you’ve been through the mill a bit!

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Shortly after our return home from Disneyland, we started to settle you in at nursery for a couple of hour-long sessions in preparation for my return to work in January.  You went in without a peep and happily played away with the toys, other children and the ladies until I picked you up.  In all honesty, I expected to be upset when leaving you for the first time but I was fine.  I think because your big brother O was so well looked after at the same nursery, by many of the same ladies, I felt sure that you would be just fine.

Q 9 Months Update

Following that first week, you took poorly with a cough and cold.  We missed the Christmas lights switch on and by the middle of the next week, you were full of cold, coughing terribly and unable to catch your breath.  I knew there was something wrong – more than a cold – so took you to see the GP.  You were diagnosed with bronchiolitis and ended up being admitted to children’s ward at our nearby hospital overnight.  Thankfully, you were improving by morning and we were allowed to take you home.  You’ve picked up a lot since and you’ve been back to nursery and increased your hours each time.

Q 9 Months Update

In more positive news, you’ve surprised us all by sitting up unaided for ages!  In fact, it’s not a case of falling over due to lack of control – it’s not that you spot something you want and you’re off to get it!  And as if that wasn’t enough… you’re now properly crawling too.  You drag yourself forward with your arms and push off with your feet, so not quite on your hands and knees yet, but it still doesn’t stop you!

You still love bouncing in the Jumperoo and often, when I’m holding you in a standing position, will bounce in my arms too.  You’re really in among all your toys and your favourite seems to be the Tomy box of squeaking eggs.  You love to knock all the tops off and then bat them around the floor, before giving them a good chew!  You also love your Sophie the Giraffe, not only to chew, but to bat other toys around the floor with…

Q 9 Months Update

You’re becoming a bit more adventurous in your food intake now.  You point-blank refuse to take food from a spoon, so we’re completely baby-led when it comes to meal times.  You love peanut butter, sucking it from crackers and loaded spoons!  You have also tried oranges (which went down a storm), ratatouille and breadsticks.  You’re happiest when you can pick things up and put them in your own mouth, so that’s the way we’ll go – embracing the mess!

Q 9 Months Update

Finally, I seem to have managed to find a sure fire way to get you giggling…  my impression of CBeebies Swashbuckle pirates!  You also love a tickling session under your arms and your thighs.  You have the cutest laugh!  Your hair is getting longer, but staying fair and fine and you’re now starting into the 12-18 months clothes.  When you were in hospital, the nurses weighed you as being 11.09kg (24.44 lbs) which is the size of the average 1 year old.  I’m so proud of how you’re coming on – you’re a total star.

Love you lots like jelly tots, from Mummy xxx

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