Siblings – December 2016

It’s the last Siblings post of 2016; the year that gave our family siblings.  I absolutely adore capturing these little rascals together!  This last month has been a rollercoaster, but these two have handled it.

Siblings December

Both the boys have been poorly this month, Q needing a hospital stay for bronchiolitis and O needing plenty of rest to fight off a bad cough and cold.  Thankfully, they’re both on the mend now.  O is so loving towards his little brother, he was quite upset that he needed to stay in hospital.  Although he was excited for the bonus sleepover at Grandma’s that night!  As always, he continues to be affectionate with Q – giving lots of cuddles and asking to hold him.

Siblings December

Now Q is getting older, it’s lovely to see their first attempts at playing together.  Q will sit on the carpet and O will sit opposite, rolling a ball backwards and forwards, giggling together all the while.  It’s moments like those that all the mania and chaos that comes with more-than-one-child are forgotten and it’s just so perfect.

Siblings December

They continue to spend bath times together, but once or twice this month has seen Q have an early bath and bed time.  O has enjoyed having the bath to himself on those nights, being able to lay down and roll around in the water – it’s surprising how much space a baby can take up!

Siblings December

We’re one of those families that put up our Christmas decorations at the end of November…  I love to get the excitement started and prefer to have our trees and lights up for the 1st of December.  We generally take them down before New Years Eve, so they’re only up around four weeks anyway.  O has enjoyed showing Q all the decorations he has made over the last few years, especially the bauble we made with his footprint as a baby. Yesterday, I took Q to the local crafty workshop to make his first bauble too – maybe a handprint for Q’s though as he’s much bigger than O was on his first Christmas.

Siblings December

Clearly, Q has no idea why this spiky green thing has appeared in the corner of the living room.  Nor why the exterior of the house looks like Blackpool illuminations… but O is SO excited for Christmas!  He can’t wait to show his brother our Christmas traditions, help him open his presents and play with their new toys.  O is really tired after a very long Autumn term at school – he barely got a break at half-term as we were away in Disneyland, so the Christmas holiday is one he definitely needs. Here’s to December and a great 2017!

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5 thoughts on “Siblings – December 2016

  1. Oh isn’t it lovely when they start to play together? Your two seem so sweet together and I bet you’ll have a wonderful Christmas, they’re both such a lovely age for it.

  2. Lovely to see them playing together. I’m sorry to hear it’s been a bad month for illness, I hope they are both recovered now. Enjoy the Christmas break together, we can’t wait to have Alice home x #thesiblingsproject

  3. What a lovely post. It must be so magical seeing them playing together. My daughter doesn’t have a sibling but she has a new cousin and I hope that they will grow up to play together like your boys x

  4. Oh they are so cute – and they look so alike too! I’m glad everyone is on the mend, I hope you all managed to enjoy a healthy and happy Christmas #SiblingsProject

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