Bloggers Best Bits featuring What the Redhead Said

We’re back with another instalment of the Bloggers Best Bits feature – celebrating and re-visiting those favourite posts out there in the blogosphere.  This week we’re talking to my lovely friend Donna from What the Redhead Said!

Bloggers Best Bits

Who are you and where do you blog?

I’m Donna and I blog over at What the Redhead said. It’s a family lifestyle blog about life with two young children and the adventures we pack into each week. I also write regular reviews, giveaways, recipes and money saving posts – it’s a bit of an eclectic mix!

What is your most successful/favourite blog post?

My most successful post, as far as views is concerned, is my Weight Watchers – A New Simple Start post. But, my favourite post is probably my Bullying one.

Give us a taster… What’s it about?

It was about being bullied at secondary school. I wrote it 15 years after leaving school but it’s a story I had never really told in full before and one that I found quite cathartic to write.

What inspired you to write this post?

I think it was always in the back of my mind, everyone has a story to tell and this was mine. I had written previously about other aspects of my life – getting and and out of debt, family issues and my diet journey and this felt like a part of the jigsaw I just had to write about.

What makes this your most successful/favourite post?

It had so much interaction, so many heartfelt comments and so much recognition that it means more than just the views and it meant more as it was a post I wrote one evening, in one go, whilst watching TV in bed. I published it there and then, didn’t schedule it as I normally would, didn’t promote it on social media, I just published it to get it out of my system. And the response was something I never expected but really appreciated.

Where can we find you?

TwitterFacebook and Instagram mainly!

What the Redhead Said

Thank you so much to Donna for sharing her favourite and most successful posts with us – a couple of beauties there, wouldn’t you agree?  Her Bullying post brings tears to my eyes and reminds me of many an incident at school where I also was an easy target for others to take out their anger on.  I just pray that our children experience as little of this as possible…

4 thoughts on “Bloggers Best Bits featuring What the Redhead Said

  1. I loved that bullying post of Donna’s, really inspirational. Loved the one she did for mumsnet too. One of my favourite bloggers, fab interview 🙂

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