How I’m Losing Weight on a Budget

I’ve recently returned to work after 11 months of maternity leave, a whole dress size bigger and decidedly unhappy about my body shape.  I have challenged myself to lose a certain amount of weight before Q’s 1st birthday, but I’m in this for the long haul to lose weight and get back in shape.  However, with maternity leave and a reduction in working hours comes a hit to our monthly income so I wanted to share with you how I’m losing weight on a budget.  Oh, and hubs is in on the ride too!

Losing Weight On A Budget

Okay, so I should start off by explaining exactly how we’re managing the losing weight side of things…  We’ve tried Slimming World, the 5:2 diet, and others in the past, but not this time.  This time we’re using the My Fitness Pal smartphone app to count calories.  It is incredibly easy to use – just pop in the items you consume and it totals them all up in calorie format for you.  You can even scan the barcodes on items for extra ease!  What’s more, it’s completely free to register and use.  We’ve been going for 2 weeks and I’ve dropped an amazing 6lbs in that time.

Losing Weight on a Budget

My top 3 tips for calorie counters and losing weight on a budget are:

Drink Lots of Water

When you drink water, you stay hydrated… but there’s so much more to it than that!  It also moisturises your skin, encourages proper circulation, cushions your joints, prevents constipation and strengthens your immune system.  Clever stuff, hey?!  To be fair, our bodies are 50-70% water so we need to keep ourselves replenished.  Drinking plenty of water, when we feel hungry and at meal times, helps to slow down the rate we eat which in turn gives time for our brain to register that we are full – therefore preventing over-eating!  An excellent tool to start our journey…

Don’t Eat the Extra Calories You ‘Earn’ Through Exercise

When calorie counting, you get a set number of calories that you should aim to eat, there or thereabouts, each day.  In addition to that, you can input any forms of exercise that you have done too.  The app works out how many calories you will have burned during your period of exercise and adds it onto your daily total.  If you choose not to dip into these extra calories, you should lose weight quicker.  Well, it works for me anyway!

What’s even better is that literally everything counts towards exercise…  I count my housework, breastfeeding and going for a walk around the village – all of which don’t cost a penny! One other trend that many people are now trying out along side exercise is wearing a waist trainer (like the ones here: ) to help create a slimmer figure and speed up your weight loss journey.

Plan Your Meals

We really love food but trying to make the healthiest of options has often found us stuck in a rut with the same cycle of meals.  We’ve been carrying on with our meal planning and using low-calorie recipes that we can quickly make after work.  I’ve spoken before about my love for meal planning – it’s a great way to work to a budget, reduce food waste and you can take advantage of discount vouchers and online codes to help keep costs down.

You can’t beat a stir fry on days where you’re struggling for time, or a portion of fajitas if you’re looking for an extra kick!  Keep things fresh and new, but keep note of those recipes you enjoy that you’d like to make again in two or three weeks.

This article and the handy little video below shows a whole load of other tips and tricks to help you lose weight on a budget.

Have you tried calorie counting?  What weight loss tips work best for you?  I’m especially interested to hear how you manage to lose weight on a budget?

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Losing Weight on a Budget

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3 thoughts on “How I’m Losing Weight on a Budget

  1. Well done Steph! 6lbs in 2 weeks is amazing! I need to change the batteries in my scales and find out just how much damage I have done over Christmas…..yikes!

  2. Some great tips and it sounds like you’re getting on brilliantly. I do find that myfitnesspal works but I’m hoping not to have to use it as I’m not a big fan of recording everything, I’m aiming to lose weight by being a bit more careful and exercising more but myfitnesspal is a definitely last resort, I wouldn’t use meal replacement diets.

  3. I attend a slimming meeting through one of our national groups . I find it keeps me focused and take care how I cook my food and have learned self discipline

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