Me and Mine – January 2017

Happy New Year! I know, I’m a few weeks late in saying that but this is the first family portrait post of the year so we’ll stick with it.  I’m so excited to be starting this project at the beginning of the year with the intention of seeing it through the full 12 months.

Me and Mine January 2017

Me and Mine January 2017

January has been a month of change for all of us, as we’ve all needed to adjust to me going back to work and the effect that has had on our family routine.  I’ve been back at work for just over 3 weeks, on a 3 day week contract, and we’re managing – just!  It’s been a shock to the system, having to make sure there’s expressed milk, sterilised bottles, and a change of clothes for Q at nursery; as well as my lunch and all my expressing gear to take to work; not forgetting having O’s homework all done and make sure he’s reading and doing his spellings as he should.  Most days, my head is in a spin with the number of things I’ve got to remember, but I’m sure it’ll calm down in time.  This last week has been even more challenging as I was on a week-long training course, with my own homework and revision to do each evening – that was certainly testing!

Me and Mine January 2017

Me and Mine January 2017

To top it off, Q has been quite poorly with a raging temperature and a terrible cold and cough.  He’s battled through and is much better than he was.  He’s also teething – hence the very red cheeks in this month’s photos!  Three of his top teeth are attempting to make an appearance…

This month:

A has been loving:

+ trying new and different foods
+ watching O play football in his new class
+ Q clapping his hands
+  his new haircut

Steph has been loving:

+ going back to work (and having a hot cup of tea!)
+ watching Celebrity Big Brother
+ reading (and finishing) Hurrah for Gin book
+ making lots of plans to celebrate birthdays

O has been loving:

+ his new football class
+ doing his new painting by numbers set
+ riding his bike
+ playing “cafe’s” with Q

Q has been loving:

+ his new hand-knitted jumper made by Great-Nana A
+ playing with O and some big boy toys
+ having fun with his friends at nursery
+ Kiddylicious veggie straws (current obsession)

I’m making a promise now – we’re going to take next months photos somewhere other than our house!  Where do you like to take your family photographs?

The Me and Mine Project

3 thoughts on “Me and Mine – January 2017

  1. There is nothing wrong with family snaps in the house. I wish I had enough light to actually take some nice ones inside for once. hahaha They are lovely either way and it’s such a great project just to capture you all together and keepsake those memories each month. Happy month ahead. #meandmineproject

  2. I love photos in the house, it’s where we spend a lot of our time! Having said that I do love photos that show some of the outdoors and I’m aiming for a couple at the beach this year I think!

    Sounds like you’ve have a really busy month, I know I have! Hope your revision paid off! xx

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