Our Family Christmas – 2016

We’re edging further into January but I wanted to look back and share our first Christmas as a family of four.  We had such a lovely time and I wanted to document it to look back on in the future.  This Christmas was the second Christmas that we’ve spent at home – and I can see it fast becoming the way we will spend our family Christmas for the foreseeable.

Our Family Christmas 2016

Christmas Eve, 2016

On Christmas Eve, we were visited by some close friends that live away.  They were up for Christmas with their family and so came round for a cuppa and a gossip and the boys played together brilliantly.  I love that Christmas is busy meeting up with friends and family – there’s so many people we love to catch up with!

Siblings December

After our friends left, I gave O and Q their Christmas Eve presents.  A bit like a Christmas Eve box, but in a gift bag…  New pyjama’s and a new Christmas story book each, the Arthur Christmas film on DVD and a Christmas-themed activity book for O.  We stuck the film on straight away and the boys played away in the living room whilst watching it.

Maids of Honour

O and I made some homemade mince pies for Santa but had quite a bit of pastry spare.  So we also made some Maid of Honour cakes to use up the leftovers which turned out more popular than the mince pies!  But, we couldn’t leave anything but a mince pie out for Santa and the rest eventually got eaten…  Typically, hubs stuck to the stereotype of being unprepared and spent most of the afternoon shopping for our gifts.

Family Christmas 2016

We had a really easy tea of fish, curly fries and spaghetti hoops and O couldn’t wait to pack himself off to bed after our little Christmas Eve traditions.  We set the table for Christmas Dinner, hung the Magic Key on the door handle for Santa and put together a plate of snacks.  A homemade mince pie for Santa, a pear (mummy fail) for Rudolph and a glass of water (O’s suggestion) for Santa to drink.  We figure that the old fella gets plenty to drink in other houses and we don’t endorse drink driving!  The boys had a bath and were both asleep in bed by 7:30pm – it’s a Christmas miracle!  However, both the boys and I were feeling rather under the weather so needed the rest…

Christmas Morning, 2016

O woke up at around 6am, as normal, and came through to our bedroom in his confuddled state – just like normal.  It took a few minutes for it to sink in that it was Christmas morning and perhaps Santa had been?!  He ran back to his room to see if his stocking had been filled, and it had.  He sat on our bed and emptied it out, so excited with all the little bits and pieces that Santa had left for him.  Lego mini figures, new socks, chocolate coins, a tube of sweeties and a Captain America Tsum Tsum were just some of the treats he received.

By this point, Q had woken up and O helped him open up his stocking too.  I think Santa was a bit stuck for things to put into a babies stocking, as there were a handful of rattles and bath toys, socks and some chocolate coins that wouldn’t be going anywhere near Q’s mouth.  Anyway!  We put our dressing gowns on and ventured downstairs to see if he’d left any presents under the tree…

Family Christmas 2016

Family Christmas 2016

Oh my days.  The living room was chocker with presents from our friends and family for us all – we were spoiled rotten!  I was still feeling really rough with a cold and trying to entertain an overwhelmed Q, so didn’t manage to make a note of who gifted us what for any of us.  Everything is amazing – sending a massive thank you to everyone who sent presents for us and the kids.

Family Christmas 2016

Family Christmas 2016

Family Christmas 2016

My mum and stepdad visited in the morning and O and Q enjoyed having them to play with for a couple of hours.  They helped to unbox some of the toys and games, putting together a million pieces of plastic and adding batteries to things that needed them.  They went home mid-morning to make a start on their own Christmas, and we had A’s parents and grandparents arrive for lunch.

Christmas Lunch, 2016

Hubs has put himself in charge of cooking Christmas lunch, as well as placing and picking up orders from the butchers and greengrocers.  We spent time on Christmas Eve preparing all the vegetables, the turkey crown and pigs in blankets so that all there was to do on Christmas Day was put things on to cook at the right times.  We enjoyed a starter of chicken liver parfait with petit pains, salad and homemade cranberry sauce which was delicious.  O and Q had melon for their starter which they really enjoyed too.

Family Christmas 2016

We plated up our Christmas meal of turkey, stuffing, roasted and mashed potatoes, roasted parsnips, carrot and swede mash, broccoli and sprouts.  Plenty of gravy and homemade cranberry sauce – it was amazing.  There was loads left too (as always at Christmas) so we had another dinner the same on Boxing Day.  O had sausages without the bacon instead of turkey, with carrots and roasted potatoes and ate it all up.  Q had some of the carrots and roasted parsnips with a side of broccoli – this kid loves his veg!

Family Christmas 2016

Hubs had made a sherry trifle for pudding, but I’m not a fan of trifle so we also had a huge melt-in-the-middle chocolate pudding.  My father-in-law, O and I had a large helping of the chocolate pudding with cream and it was so lovely… I’ll definitely get that again from Aldi!

Christmas Night, 2016

We spent the afternoon chatting away, letting our dinners settle and playing with new toys and games with O whilst Q had his afternoon nap.  A’s sister, brother-in-law and our two nieces popped down mid-afternoon for the kids to play together.

Splashy the Whale

My eldest niece made a special request to play Splashy the Whale and even managed to get her Granda and Great-Grandad playing!  It was so much fun and lovely to see everyone laughing together.

Family Christmas 2016

O and Q really enjoyed their Christmas – always with smiles on their faces.  It’s a shame they were both feeling under the weather but we all had such a lovely time.

How did your Christmas go?  Did you have a good one with family and friends?

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