Q: 10 Months Update

Q – you’ve now reached 10 months old.  I can’t believe in two short months, I’ll be writing your first birthday post.  This last ten months has gone so quickly, yet it’s hard to remember a time that you weren’t with us.  This month has been filled with fabulous moments – the big one, of course, being your first Christmas!

10 Months

We’ll rewind a bit back to when I had written your last update at 9 months.  Throughout December, you were gradually spending more time at nursery to prepare for my return to work after ten months of Maternity Leave.  You’ve settled in well and seem to enjoy yourself when you’re there.  The lovely ladies fill in a little exercise book each day that tells me what you’ve eaten, what you’ve been doing and how much sleep you’ve had.  When you’re at home, you’ll easily sleep for 2-3 hours over a couple of naps, but it would seem you aren’t as keen to sleep at nursery!  I think there must be so much going on, obviously more noise than there is in our quiet home, but I’m sure you’ll adapt now you’re in three days a week.

Matchstick Monkey

You’ve also had your first overnight sleepover without your Dad and I!  We visited Armathwaite Hall as my very belated birthday present and both you and your brother O stayed over at Grandma’s house.  You slept pretty well, waking at your usual times for feeds, but as Grandma had a bottle and frozen breastmilk to prepare at each feed – she didn’t get quite as much sleep as I would usually…  Poor Grandma!  It obviously doesn’t happen often but you both had such a good time.  O loves a sleepover at his grandparents houses.

10 Months

Just before Christmas, I took you to a local craft workshop to make your ‘First Christmas’ bauble.  O made one back in 2011 with his footprints on when he was just 4 months old, and I wanted one similar made for you.  We opted for your handprints on the bauble in blue paint which transferred perfectly.  I’m so glad we had it made and now you have something of your very own on our Christmas tree.

Family Christmas 2016

Christmas was so much fun, even though you had no idea what was going on!  O did a great job of helping you open up your stocking that had been filled by Santa.  He also helped you to open your presents once we got downstairs – you were both so very lucky!  We’re lucky to have very kind family and friends.  You received many clothes and new toys, which you’ve loved playing with so far.  You particularly enjoy picking up two balls and bashing them together, before putting them into the top of their ‘run’ and watching them roll down to the bottom.

10 Months

You are enjoying more foods and still prefer to feed yourself finger-style foods.  You’ve recently tried an egg mayo sandwich (which you loved), cucumber (which made you sick) and grated cheese (which you liked trying to pick up the little bits).  You only seem to take porridge and yogurt from a spoon, and you dislike Weetabix – which makes breakfast usually a bit boring!  Porridge or fruit are your options at the moment, but you’re happy enough.  We’re still going strong with our breastfeeding journey and I’m happy to continue as any formula products you have had (baby cereal) have upset your stomach.  Since we’ve cut out all ready-made baby food, your tummy has been much better and you’re no longer crying in pain.

10 Months

You’re now exclusively into 12-18 month clothes and still dislike having anything on your feet.  Which isn’t ideal now we’re in the throes of winter and it’s so darn cold!  You’re also making a lot more sounds, with your recent favourite being “Kah”.  We’ve wondered if you mean ‘car’ but it’s pretty clear you are just making a sound.  It’s lovely to see you develop into this proper little child from such a beautiful baby.

Always proud and love you lots like jelly tots, from Mummy xxx


5 thoughts on “Q: 10 Months Update

  1. Lovely pics. It’s nice to keep these little records. I have a journal that I write updates in for my daughter. She’s 10 months too! We also made a little Christmas decoration with a footprint. They’re a nice little keepsake. #PoCoLo

  2. What a lovely review of month 10 I love reading about what he has been up to. It will be so lovely to look back at when he’s older. Thanks for joining the #weekendblogshare – I just noticed that last time, the http had a capital H and so the link didn’t work! x

  3. Aw this is lovely. I remember my two being quite picky with their food, it was always such a fuss trying to find something they would eat! It sounds like your little one is doing great. Glad you had a good Christmas.
    Thanks for linking to #pocolo
    (sorry for the epicly late comment!)

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