Siblings – January 2017

What an exciting month this has been for my two boys!  My first Siblings post of 2017 and another photography project that I plan to continue each month this year.  I can’t wait to see how my two little boys will grow and change over those 12 months – but, please, don’t go too fast…

Siblings January 2017

Siblings January 2017

Since our last post, O has broken up from school, Q has properly started nursery and, of course, we’ve had our first Christmas as a family of four!  The boys have enjoyed spending plenty of time together over the Christmas break.  Obviously, Q had no clue what Christmas was all about and why there were suddenly a pile of new toys and clothes wrapped in coloured paper in the living room for him.  Who is this “Santa” they speak of?!  O definitely stepped up his brother gear and was fabulous with him over Christmas.

Siblings January 2017

Siblings January 2017

He helped Q open up his Christmas stocking and unwrap his presents.  In the few weeks following Christmas, O has played so well with Q – showing him how to play with his new toys.  They’re so loving towards each other; always giving each other cuddles and kisses.  Well, more that Q tries to latch on to O’s arm or face and O sometimes squeezes a bit too tightly for a bit too long during his cuddles with Q…  But surely this is what all siblings do?  Always pushing each others buttons…  I can only imagine what it will be like when they’re both older and I’ll be playing referee 7,293,291 times a day…

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9 thoughts on “Siblings – January 2017

  1. They are both amazing. They have brought so much love to our family love them both to the moon and back ???

  2. Oh they are both so adorable! These photos are brilliant too, well done for taking such brilliant photos of two little ones together! I’m glad they get on so well, mine do too and I’m hoping it will continue as they get older.

  3. They’re so cute – Q has got so big! I am constantly refereeing my two, I sometimes think a bigger age gap like you have might be easier but then I bet that brings plenty of its own challenges! #SiblingsProject

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