Q: 11 Months Update

This is it.  We’re on countdown to your first birthday, Q, and I can’t believe how quickly this last year has gone.  This time last year, I had finished work for the start of my maternity leave and you were still kicking around in my tummy at around 36 weeks gestation.

I’ve been reading back over your 10 months update and I’m taken aback once again by how much you’ve changed since.  Not only are you now pulling yourself up on furniture, you’re walking around whilst holding on!  I think it’s time we got you some pre-walker shoes…  They might help stop your feet getting so cold too.

Q 11 Months

This month has been another where you’ve been feeling a bit poorly – there’s so much going around at the moment.  I think it’s the same at this time of year, every year.  You’ve handled it like a pro and have managed nursery as normal.  You’re loving it there, and it’s great for my mummy guilt that you lean towards the ladies at nursery when I drop you off.  You love those girls so much!

Q 11 Months

You are still feeding away, but have weaned yourself off an awful lot lately.  You’re still up two or three times through the night for some comfort, and have one feed in the morning before your nap.  You’re still enjoying food too – you love a mini slice of pizza, grapes and satsumas at the moment!

Q 11 Months

To help you with your food, you’ve started to get your teeth.  You now have two on the bottom and two on the top, with another two on the top almost through.  They’ve all appeared at once!  You like having them brushed and will often gnaw on the toothbrush head during brush time.  I love your little toothy smile, even though you’ve bitten me on occasion and learned to grind them.

Q 11 Months

We’ve figured that you like to play Duplo with O.  Well, O likes to build things and you like to try to eat bits of Duplo.  Each to their own.  It’s one toy that you can both play together, with such a large age gap, and it’s lovely to see as a parent.  You love to have cuddles with O too, he’s such a good big brother for you.

My next post will be your birthday update – let’s hope this month goes by slowly and I can savour all the moments with my baby.  Love you lots like jelly tots, love from Mummy xxx

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  1. Oh this takes me back. I remember the mess and the constant pureeing. I think I lived with a copy of Annabel Karmel’s cookbook permanently! 11 months is such a cute age.

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