O: 5 Years and 6 Months Update

You’ve changed so much in the last three months, O; I can’t believe how much you’ve grown since I wrote your last update.  I’m up incredibly early this morning writing this post, and it seems I didn’t sneak down the stairs quite so quietly as you’ve followed me!  You are still woken at night by your baby brother, but usually manage to get back to sleep without leaving your bed.  So you’re sat next to me on the sofa watching Justin Time Go! on Netflix while I’m tapping away, completely oblivious to my written words about you…

O 5 years 6 months

Starting where we left off in November, so much has happened!  Of course, we enjoyed our first Christmas as a family of four in December.  You loved having a little brother to share your excitement with running up to the big day, despite his lack of awareness!  This year will be even more amazing, I’m sure.  When opening your presents, you were so happy that you received Carlisle United’s new football strip to wear for all your sporting adventures.  You weren’t too impressed that Santa had brought for you different style of scooter than you had wished for…  I don’t think I relayed your message very well and there was a bit of confusion surrounding the matter!  We had family visit us at home all day and you had an amazing day – you were really ready for the break from school too…

O 5 years 6 months

Whenever I talk about your achievements at school, I always make note of your reading.  You’re no longer reading the Oxford Tree books, and you’re now onto the ‘quiz books’.  They’re set at different stages, of which you’re now on 2.7-2.9, and after yo’ve read each book, you take a quiz on the computers at school.  It’s an early form of comprehension and makes sure you understand what you’ve read.  You’ve picked up on this well and try really hard to read new words all the time.  It seems to come very naturally to you and your teacher is always amazed at how well you cope with brand new, often complicated, words.  Your writing has come on leaps and bounds too.  Although you need a lot of encouragement and persuasion to sit down to do your homework, you can write really well unaided once you get into the flow.  You’ve been learning about Trains, Planes and Cars as your topic at school lately, which you’ve really enjoyed.  You’re also taking part in a variety of extra-curricular activities, including Science Club, Art Club and after school Football lessons.  Just a few weeks ago, you were awarded the Golden Sweatshirt for your hard work in class and being so kind with your classmates.  You were especially happy as it meant that your Dad and I had to keep our promise of getting you the ‘wiggly scooter’ that you had asked for at Christmas!

O 5 years 6 months

You’re not really feeling yourself lately, and your Daddy and I are trying to figure out what’s going on in your head.  Your teacher has noticed a difference in your mood too, but isn’t aware of anything going on at school.  I’m not sure what you’re thinking, but we’re making some changes to how we do things at home to try to get you back to your happier self.  You’re quite a sensitive soul and seem to have picked up a bit of anxiety too.  Your Dad and I are investigating extra sports classes for you, which you love and we all know exercise improves mood, and how we can spend some one-on-one time with you instead of doing baby-friendly activities all the time.  It seems to be working, but hopefully I can give more of a substantial update next time.

O 5 years 6 months

You’re growing up so fast, it actually scares me at times.  Your legs are so long and you’re now wearing size 1 shoes.  You like having your hair styled with your hair swept over to one side – a proper little Bieber do!  Most of your clothes are now too small, so we need to go shopping!  I think maybe a Mam and Lad day shopping in Carlisle might be called for…  Primark, H&M, Next and a treat lunch out with cake.  Sounds like a good plan to me!  I’m looking forward to spending a bit more quality time with my biggest boy.

Love you lots like jelly tots, love from Mummy xxx

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