Things My Kids Do That Drive Me Mental!

I absolutely love my family to the moon and back, but there are times where mummy just needs some time to herself to collect her thoughts.  I like to ignore the housework and write this blog during any short periods of quiet time I do get, but this last week or so has been challenging.  I’m halfway through a two-week holiday from work, I’m poorly and have some pretty ginormous things going on (maybe more on those at a later date)…

However, I’m sat writing this post at 5am.  I’ll kick this list off with my reason why…

Things My Kids Do That Drive Me Mental!

Siblings January 2017

Don’t let these two angelic faces fool you…

Sleep? What’s That?!

Since Q was born in March 2016, I have not had one night of sleep that has lasted for more than 5 solid hours.  I am pretty much running on empty all of the time, and it affects my ability to speak.  For example, I’ll call my husband every name under the sun before I reach his, before proceeding to use the hair mousse as face moisturiser and put the television remotes in the fridge…

So today, Q is awake at 3 to be re-settled and put back to bed.  O comes through asking for a drink.  He’s given a drink, and cheerily goes back to bed.  Shortly after, he comes back through saying he’s frightened.  I escort him back to bed and assure him their are no weird lights shining through his photo frames.  Shortly after that, he comes back through and says he’s not feeling well and can he sleep in our bed.  No surprise, he’s caught the bug that Q and I have had for the last week (which is still hanging around, lucky me).  Neither of us could get back to sleep as Daddy was snoring, so we cam downstairs with his duvet to watch Pocahontas and eat grapes.  Hence, my reason why I’m writing this post at 5am.

My Entire House is a Laundry Basket

This drives me truly batty, and my husband is just as bad as the kids for this!  There are worn and dirty socks strewn across each room of my house.  I can’t seem to get it through to everyone that it takes minimal effort to throw them into the utility room by the washing machine, or into the laundry basket on the landing upstairs.  Oh no, that would take too much time out of their game/tv show/Lego-building efforts, and a meltdown by Mum is a small price to pay…

What’s for Dinner?

Since Q started to wean, I’ve tried to become more focused on family mealtimes.  Often, hubs and I would eat after the kids were in bed but we found that doing this meant that they weren’t being offered a variety of foods and we’d got stuck in a rut with what they would eat.  I realise that this one is our own fault…

Now, the kids (mainly O) say that they are happy to eat what their Dad or I have cooked, but when it comes down to it?  Would rather have a full-on meltdown because there’s a mushroom on their plate.  If Q doesn’t want something, he throws it all over the floor – which is an absolute DELIGHT to see the food you’ve slaved over for the last hour go completely unappreciated.  Obviously, he’s a baby, but O isn’t.  And while he doesn’t throw his food on the floor (although, there was that one time last week…), his look of disgust and whinging shows me that I really just should have made another dinner of spaghetti bolognese and watch them hoover it up and ask for seconds.


I could quite happily go on, but I think I’ll leave it there for today.  How I haven’t managed to tear all of my hair out is beyond me!

Tell me I’m not alone; what do your kids do that drive you mad?

Disclosure:  This is a collaborative post.

3 thoughts on “Things My Kids Do That Drive Me Mental!

  1. THE DIRTY SOCKS!! Dave is the same – they’re down the side of the sofa, in the understairs cupboard. Everywhere!! x

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