Caring for Baby’s Skin with WaterWipes – Review

A baby’s skin is so delicate and there are so many products out there that are a bit too strong for their sensitive skin.  I’ve been looking at ways to better care for baby’s skin, especially as Q is prone to eczema.  When the lovely folk over at WaterWipes got in touch asking if we would review their chemical-free, gentle baby wipes, I thought they had the potential to really help Q…  Let me explain.


Back in November, Q was admitted to the children’s ward at the local hospital thanks to a bout of bronchiolitis.  Whilst one of the nurses was checking his vitals, she commented that he had a bit of eczema on his back, tummy and legs.  I was surprised that she thought it was eczema, as I had dismissed it as a bit of a viral blotchiness – it didn’t look like any eczema I had seen before and it didn’t seem to bother him.  Cut a long story short, I mentioned it to the Health Visitor next time we saw her and she diagnosed eczema and prescribed some special body wash and ointment to help to clear it up.


Despite using the prescribed medication, Q’s eczema has lingered – particularly on his bottom and legs.  I’ve stopped using scented fabric conditioner and changed to super sensitive laundry products which seem to have helped, but Q’s legs and bottom are still a bit sore.  For the last three weeks, we have swapped our usual disposable baby wipes for WaterWipes to see if they made a difference.


I love the clean packaging to the product; fuss-free and clean, just like the WaterWipes.  The WaterWipes are quite thick and so there’s no need to double up wipes like I’ve had to with other brands when changing a dirty nappy.  As the WaterWipes are quite thick, they hold quite a lot of water and I find them a little too soggy.  More often than not, Q’s skin is a bit wet after using them.


Now, I’m not going to share before and after photos of baby Q’s bottom for the entire world to see.  That would be wrong on all kinds of levels!  So you’ll have to take my word for it when I say that the swap did see an improvement in his condition.  The eczema hasn’t cleared up completely, but it is not as inflamed and red as it was before.  I’d definitely carry on using WaterWipes as disposable gentle baby wipes for Q’s bottom, as we’ve seen the improvement in his eczema.

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Disclosure:  We received these products for the purpose of this review, however all words and opinions are our own.

101 thoughts on “Caring for Baby’s Skin with WaterWipes – Review

  1. Rafflecopter not working for me either but I did enjoy the review, might have to get some for my daughter!

    1. Now Rafflecopter is working, i’ll re-comment 🙂
      Everything!! Taking my makeup off, wiping surfaces/toys etc! I love baby wipes!

  2. They get used for everything! Older kids love them for cleaning the disks for their games.

  3. I use them for cleaning the individual slats on Venetian blinds, cleaning the dashboard on the car and wiping down the leather sofas

  4. I think it would be easier to ask what don’t I use them for! cut knees, chocolate fingers, makeup removal 🙂

  5. Ooh a whole host of things, sticky hands and faces, cleaning spills in the kitchen, cleaning toys, wiping marks off walls and doors 😀

  6. I will use them for cleaning my future newborns face & hands, and for cleaning up baby related mess.

  7. Everything including sticky marks on toys and dummies -esmay is teething and chews on everything

  8. I always have baby wipes in my handbag I use them for my toddler and for me 🙂 great when your out and about and there is no toilet roll in public loos!!

  9. I wear flip flops in the garden and sometimes my feet get filthy from gardening so I clean them with baby wipes when I get back inside.

  10. Sticky fingers and hands after eating! The wipes come very in handy when out and about .

  11. New mummy to be this year, haven’t bought any wipes yet, these look like a must.

  12. Wiping up spills, and I have been known to use them for cleaning off the dogs legs/underneath!

  13. They are the best for cleaning glasses – especially if you wipe with a piece of kitchen towel afterwards!

  14. Believe it or not I use wipes for my basset hounds teats after she’s had a wee.. she’s had a litter so she’s hanging quite low & when she’s been I wipe her clean so alls nice for her pups to nurse from her ?

  15. Little faces and hands and when I am out in coffee bars and restaurants for the table and sometimes even the chairs.

  16. Taking make up off, wiping little hands and faces on the go, wipe down the dust on my car dashboard, small spillages in the home, the list is endless as they are a godsend!

  17. I use baby wipes as a cleansing wipe when I’ve run out. Also when camping or doing outdoors-y things, never underestimate the power of a baby wipe wash!

  18. I use them for everything really! When I’m out of face wipes I use them to remove make-up, if I need to be somewhere quick and have to skip a shower, baby wipes! Spilt something? Baby wipes! Everything!!

  19. I use them for cleaning up faces and hands, mirrors and windows in the car and for cleaning around the kitchen too.

  20. I use them for cleaning my cooker. Comes up really nice and shiny – I also use them for dusting. They don’t just move dirt around, they actually pick it up!! xx

  21. I use them to wipe the inside of my car , fingerprints of the furniture, wipe snotty face

  22. Everything – don’t know how I ever coped without them
    particluarly useful for getting my son’s toothpaste of my work dress in the morning

  23. I use wet wipes for cleaning carpet, cleaning bathroom, polishing, cleaning car inside, sticky hands at picnic, cleaning make up off – i pretty much use wet wipes for everything

  24. Saw these at the baby show – bought a box. Came home read the reviews and now cannot wait for my first grandchild to arrive any hour now (my daughter is in labour!) so I can use them on her xxx

  25. I use them for lots of things actually, wiping off baby food for her face, wiping over the high chair, cleaning her feet which always seem dirty 🙂

  26. cleaning dirty faces and sticky lil fingers of the kids i also use them for removing makeup

  27. All sorts! Removing my make up, cleaning the car interior, cleaning the sinks if I’ve run out of cleaning wipes … possibilities are endless!

  28. I use them for myself to feel clean as I have many allergies and these are the purest I have found, they are brilliant. I occasionally use them to damp dust.

  29. Having a dog they come in very useful. Especially when I’ve been preparing his food. Also after cleaning up the garden after his “go potty” moments (borrowed that saying from a lovely American friend).

  30. you name it these wipes do the job! hands before eating when out, pets , etc.etc.

  31. cleaning sticky handprints off surfaces after our little granddaughter has been to visit

  32. I use them for loads, I’m definitely a ‘wet wipe mum’!! To clean up our little one after mealtimes, clean milk splashes of my leather furniture, to get the worst up from carpet spills, to clean him up when we’re out and about, to mop up spilled food from the kitchen floor after mealtimes….they’re very handy!

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