#PassTheStoryOn – Celebrating World Book Day with Tesco

World Book Day…  When those words are uttered, parents across the country shudder with fear and the onset of panic begins, worrying over what kind of costume they can create or buy for their darling child to wear for school.  But, the thing is… World Book Day isn’t about dressing up.  It’s about these wonderful things called… books.


Thankfully, O’s school hasn’t asked us to take part in any fancy dress days, as they seem to understand that parents have enough to sort out with homework, uniforms, Easter bonnets and Children in Need cake sales.  However, we have been asked to take in a copy of O’s favourite book, which he can talk to his class about and explain why he likes to read it.  I think this is a great way of celebrating the joy of reading, great stories and the work of fantastic authors.

#PassTheStoryOn World Book Day

Tesco got in touch asking if we would be part of the #PassTheStoryOn campaign, celebrating the importance of reading in line with World Book Day.  The books set off with Abi at Mum in a Hurry, were then sent to Hannah at Hannah Spannah, and finally we received them for O and Q to enjoy.  Once we had read the books through a handful of times, we packaged the books back up to send back to Tesco for a very special reason.

Once Tesco receive the books back, they will be passed onto one of their charity partners where they will bring smiles to many children.  Although O was a little disappointed when I told him we weren’t keeping the books, he was happy that they would bring happiness to other children that were maybe in hospital or a worse position than he.


We were sent The Scarecrow’s Wedding, by Julia Donaldson, and Hugless Douglas and the Great Cake Bake, by David Melling, to read.  We have a whole host of Julia Donaldson books, but The Scarecrow’s Wedding is one that we have never read.  I’d never heard of the Hugless Douglas series of books, but O tells me that there are a couple in the library at school.  We really enjoyed both of the stories!  The Hugless Douglas book contained a recipe at the end of the story for Honey Cakes (a vital part of the story) which looked really tasty!


Thanks to Tesco for asking us to be part of a lovely campaign!  We’ve actually given children’s books to the kids for Easter this year, as well as a small chocolate egg each, to inspire their love for reading.

What are your children’s favourite books to read?

Disclosure: We were sent the books in order to write this post but all thoughts and opinions are our own.

One thought on “#PassTheStoryOn – Celebrating World Book Day with Tesco

  1. Oh, I love this idea! I MIGHT have secretly enjoyed dressing my daughter as Willy Wonka for World Book Day. But the idea of passing on books is even better. I have started to post books to other people once I’ve read them, or send children’s books to others if my girls have outgrown them or aren’t interested. The joys of paper books, you couldn’t do that with a kindle!

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