Q: 1 Year and 1 Month Update

Q, you’re now 13 months old and I’m here wishing time would slow down…  But if anything, it’s just going to go by quicker now you’re in the throes of nursery whilst I’m at work three days a week.  Just a bit of an update since your 1st birthday update; although not a lot has changed…

Lost Castle

I think I’ve figured out why you’re always getting poorly… not only is it because you’re constantly sharing germs with the other kids at nursery, but I think you’re prone to a snotty nose when you’re teething.  Which, as you can probably imagine, is an absolute ball for your Dad and I during the night…!  You’ve now got four top teeth to go with your two little bottom teeth and, boy, do you know how to use them.


You’ve taken to biting me lately which is really frustrating at times.  Nobody else seems to be worth biting, so it would seem, so I’m not too worried at the moment.  Please don’t become the bitey kid at nursery though – I really don’t think I would know how to deal with that.  So, at home you’ve now been nicknamed Bitey McBiterson, until this phase passes (soon, hopefully).

Golf for kids

Your love of biting has helped you become a bit more adventurous in the food department though.  Your usual toast, melon and grapes has now grown to include spaghetti bolognese and Spanish chicken and chorizo bake.  You especially love cooked peppers and little strands of cooked spaghetti.  We have found that it’s easier just to give you whatever we’re having.  If we try to palm you off with something we think you’ll prefer, that just ends up on the floor and I end up giving you half of what’s on my plate anyway.

Lost Castle

You’re close to walking, but I don’t think we’re quite there yet.  Although you’ve mastered cruising around furniture, you’re not confident at balancing on your own just yet.  As you’ve figured that trying to walk leads to you inevitably falling over, you prefer to crawl everywhere – which you’ve now mastered at high speed.  Oh, and you can now crawl up the stairs.  From bottom to top.  I really need to get some stair gates sorted!

Lost Castle

We’ve been heading out for some long walks lately around the village and into town, with you in the pushchair happy to fall asleep on the way and wake up the instant we pull up back at the front door.  The weather is turning warmer and it’s lovely to get out into the sunshine.  We sat you on the grass with no socks on your feet, during a particularly sunny spell a couple of weeks ago, and you really were not sure what to make of the grass!  I remember your brother O doing exactly the same thing at your age!

Keep doing what you’re doing Q and you’ll turn out grand – but if you can curb the biting ASAP, I’d really appreciate it.  Love you lots like jelly tots, from Mummy xxx

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