Simplifying Life with Bidvine

Since I returned to work in January, I’ve been juggling housework with childcare on my days off and have found it just about manageable.  I’ve recently accepted a new job offer which means I’ll be heading back to the office full-time, working five days a week in the very near future.  With this comes the headache of trying to compact the chores, laundry, etc, into our evenings and/or weekends – and it’s just something I’m not prepared to lose sleep over.  I was recently introduced to Bidvine, which could help to save my sanity and allow my precious time at home to be spent enjoying our family.


What is Bidvine?

Bidvine is a UK-based service that assists users to find local professional services easily – from event photographers to piano lessons, painters and decorators to landscape gardeners!  It’s a fast and simple way to obtain competitive quotes for local services from interested and available professionals with no hassle.  Sounds good, no?

How does it work?

If you pop over to the website, you can select the type of service you’re looking for: in our case, a domestic cleaner.  You’re then asked a short series of questions to establish they type of service you’re looking for and you’re also asked to provide your postcode to open up the bidding to appropriate businesses in your area.  Don’t worry – the guys at Bidvine don’t send out your details!  The professionals that match your request have up to 4 days to provide a quote that Bidvine send on to you.  No hassle caused by contacting various contractors, or chasing quotes – it’s all done for you.

Using Bidvine: is it worth it?

I used the site to find quotes for a domestic cleaner – someone who can come into our home once each week (or two) and give it a good clean from top to bottom.  I know, I could sort out a cleaning rota for hubs and I, but really!?  I have so many other things I’d rather do with my time!  If I can support a local business and continue blogging and spending quality time with my family, instead of cleaning the house – it wins for me.  Judge away.

Anyway, I found the site really easy to navigate and straightforward to obtain the necessary quotes.  Not so long ago, we were ringing around local gardeners trying to get quotes to make changes to our garden and what a faff!  It took forever to arrange for them to come out, nevermind chasing the quotes…  I wonder what I could have done with that time instead – that’s where I wish I’d known about Bidvine sooner!

Will you be trying out Bidvine to tackle something on your ‘To Do’ list?

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One thought on “Simplifying Life with Bidvine

  1. Oh gosh this is definitely something I’d use. I need to find a piano teacher and it’s proving a bit of a nightmare. I might check it out if the couple of recommendations we’ve had don’t come to anything.

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