25 Baby Led Weaning Breakfast Ideas

We’re second-time parents now and do pretty much anything for an easy ride.  I still haven’t gotten around to decorating Q’s nursery, or packing away his moses basket.  I’m a working mum; having returned to work in January part-time and will be making the jump to full-time shortly.  I breastfed Q so that I didn’t need to get out of bed to make bottles of milk during the night and had fewer bottles to sterilise.  So when it came to weaning, it seemed sensible to follow the baby-led route, than the traditional pureed spoon-feeding route…

I did find that preparing varied baby led weaning breakfasts that my little one actually wanted to eat was difficult.  I was stuck serving chopped fruit and toast fingers – and had very little inspiration!  So I took to a group of like-minded parents and they provided a whole host of ideas…  here’s what we came up with!

Baby Led Weaning Breakfast Ideas

  1. Scrambled egg
  2. Omelette
  3. Porridge with grated apple
  4. Toast fingers
  5. Banana Porridge fingers
  6. Crumpet
  7. Eggy bread
  8. Fruit with yogurt
  9. Banana Pancakes
  10. Porridge fingers
  11. Wheat biscuits
  12. Avocado on toast
  13. Wakey Wakey Cakey
  14. Boiled egg (hard-boiled until baby is 12 months old)
  15. Fruit toast
  16. Cinnamon bagels
  17. Cheerios
  18. Drop scone blueberry pancakes
  19. Cheese on toast
  20. Beans on toast
  21. Banana muffins
  22. Soft cheese on toast/bagel
  23. Porridge with prunes (or other chopped fruit)
  24. Melon fingers
  25. Toast with peanut butter

Baby Led Weaning Breakfast Ideas

I hope you found this list helpful – don’t forget to pin me for later!  What are your kiddies favourite breakfasts?

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