O: 5 Years and 9 Months Update

My first-born son will soon be turning 6 years old, and I know it’ll come round quickly just as each year does.  For now, let me pen a little update on how things have been and what O has got up to since my last update at 5 years and 6 months

5 years 9 months

We’ve been up to all-sorts lately, especially now the weather is improving!  You absolutely love to play outdoors.  I leave the garage door open for you and you help yourself to your bike, scooters, footballs and pavement chalks to play with on our driveway.  We’re lucky that we live on a very quiet road and you can play outside with ease.  We’ve been getting out for some walks together as a family too, up the local right of way and up to the pond, through fields nearby.  You love exploring!

Lost Castle

Just before the Easter break, we visited Lowther Castle again for the launch of the biggest slide in Cumbria.  You had a fantastic time and can’t wait to head back again.  It’s definitely on our list to get to during the summer!  We also attended an event in Manchester where you were given the opportunity to pick up some tips from professional golf instructors and Online Golf.  You had such a ball (sorry for the pun) – really enjoyed the different activities they had arranged for you.  I’m so grateful for the opportunities that my blog provides for you and your brother.

Golf for kids

At school, you’re continuing to improve your skills and surprise your Dad and I (and your teacher!) regularly with the things you’ve learned.  You’ve been acing your spelling tests each week, bringing home more advanced books to read and telling us all about George Stephenson and his inventions.  The Steam Train, in case you don’t remember.  You’re also picking up information elsewhere (probably those educational programmes you like to watch on CBBC and Netflix), recently you astounded your teacher by explaining what the four different forces are in physics and being able to explain and give examples of each.

5 years 9 months

In my last update, I mentioned that you hadn’t been quite yourself lately.  I’m so pleased to say that things have turned a corner and you’re much happier now.  You’ve started playing for the village Under 7’s rugby team, training one night through the week and playing a match at the weekend.  Some of your school friends are also part of the team, so you’re happy to be with your friends too.  A couple of weeks ago, you were awarded the Star Player trophy for playing brilliantly and not giving up when you fell and hurt your knee.  Well done, little man!  We’re so proud of you and you are of yourself too.  That night, you fell asleep holding onto your little trophy and couldn’t wait to take it into school for celebration assembly.

5 years 9 months

During the Easter break, you, your brother and I were quite poorly so we didn’t get up to anything particularly fun.  We did manage a couple of lunches out and planting some flowers in the garden.  I attended an interview at work on the last day of the holidays, explaining to you that it was a ‘special meeting’ where if I answered all the questions right, I would get a new job.  You hoped I got all the answers right and you were so happy for me when I told you that I had.  You’re even excited for my return to full-time hours – purely because you love the out-of-hours care that your school provides!

I’m so proud of the kind young man you are.  Keep at it, son.  Love you lots like jelly tots, from Mummy (aka Mam) xxx

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