Top Tips for Choosing a Gift for Your Daughter

Want to choose a gift for your daughter – but not sure how to go about it?  Then follow our top tips to find the right gift for your daughter.

Gift for daughter


Consider your daughter’s interest, passions and past times, as this should give you ideas about what will mean the most to her and what she’d like.


Also, consider whether your daughter has any particularly strong views or particular dislikes.  If your daughter is vegetarian for instance, you might want to consider products that haven’t been tested on animals or that are fair trade, for example.

Unique and offbeat

To find a special present for your daughter consider buying something a little unusual, off-beat and unique – that way you’re less likely to find someone else has chosen the same gift. One year I bought my daughter an arduino kit which is something I had never heard of before and quite a risky purchase! However, she absolutely loved it and has used it quite regularly since!

In addition to this, duplication of gifts is something you want to avoid if possible. It might be you want to commission a one-off present from a local craftsperson, which could be tailored to your daughter’s particular interests or sense of style.

A gift that will grow with your daughter

When choosing a gift for your daughter, try to choose a gift that could grow as they grow, so they can enjoy it for many years to come. A good case in point here is the sterling silver jewellery from Saffron Bells, including their Thai-style anklets. These elegant pieces of jewellery can be first worn as an anklet, and then enjoyed as a bracelet, taking your daughter right through to her teenage years. A standout piece of jewellery can act as a great way to mark a significant occasion like a christening or landmark birthday. I was thinking of getting her an adjustable watch from WatchShopping for her to grow up with but I needed to do some additional reading into it.

A gift that can be added to

Also, consider buying your daughter a gift that could be added to over time, from a charm bracelet to a doll’s house that needs furnishing. Looking out for a gift that can be added to or expanded, will mean you’ve found a gift that will last and could be enjoyed for a long time to come.

A gift that could be enjoyed throughout the year

Another tact to take is to purchase an entry pass or lessons for your daughter’s favourite activity, like an annual pass to your local swimming pool or a term’s worth of dance lessons.

Creative play

Depending on the age of your daughter, you might want to consider toys that give the potential for creative play, like art, craft materials or lego. This way your daughter will not only be playing but learning new skills and developing their imagination too. You could even buy her a league of legends account, if she’s into gaming and computers.


It might be you want to convey a particular sentiment or message in your choice of gift, like good luck in the form of a shamrock, St Christopher or an ‘om’ symbol.


Music could also provide great inspiration for gifts, from a musical instrument and the lessons to go with it, to tickets for a concert or signed memorabilia from their favourite music star.

Experience gift

If you’re stumped for a gift to buy, consider purchasing an experience or red letter day. It’s much more personal than a retail gift voucher, but will still allow your daughter an element of choice too.

We hope this article has given you a few ideas about how to choose a gift for your daughter and that your next gift to her is a hit. But if you’re not sure, talk to your daughter in good time and ask her what she’d like for her gift.

*This is a collaborative guest post

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