O: 6 Years Update

Happy 6th birthday to my little handsome chap, O!  I don’t feel old enough to have a six-year-old…  but you’re so happy to have caught up with your school friends.

O 6 year update a

The last three months have seen the end of your second year at school, Year 1.  You have so enjoyed this last year at school, progressing so far in your reading, writing, and numeracy skills, as well as gaining so many other general life skills, like climbing the monkey bars in the playground and learning to ride your bike without stabilisers.  Just before the end of the school year, you competed as part of the blue team in the school Sports Day.  You did a fantastic job and loved every minute.  The weather was beautiful and you tried your best; competing in a couple of races, and coming first in the Egg and Spoon race!

O 6 year update a

Since you finished for the summer holidays, you’ve been kept very busy.  Your Dad and I have alternated our annual leave to look after you, and you’ve spent a few days here and there with other family members too.  You’ve visited the CocoaBean chocolate factory in Hawkshead, the Dinosaur Encounters exhibition at Rheged, Lowther Castle, Vindolanda at Hadrian’s Wall, and so many other places!  You’ve had so much fun and it’s been a total joy to see you taking it all in.

O 6 year update a

The first weekend of the summer, we held a party for your birthday that some of your school friends, your cousins and family friends came to at a local soft play centre.  You had an absolute ball (aside from one of the little girls having a front tooth knocked out – I should add that it was already wobbling!) and loved having all of your friends there.  I made you a Pokemon pokeball cake – the first proper celebration cake I’ve tried to make.  It wasn’t perfect but you were so happy with it, and that’s all that matters.

O 6 year update a

On your actual birthday, you got up at your usual 6:30am and we all piled downstairs to open your presents.  Your dad and I bought your new bike a couple of months ago, so you opened a couple of books and a rugby kit from us, you also received a tennis kit, some remote controlled cars and a pretty awesome science kit, among a few other awesome presents too.  After we were all dressed, we set off to Blackpool for the day.  Q was a bit cranky as he’d had his immunisations the day before, but we still had a really good day.  You absolutely loved playing on the arcade games in Coral Island!  We also visited the Sea Life Centre, which was really good.  I was surprised at how big it was to be honest!  You enjoyed collecting each stamp as we went round the aquarium, and whilst we were looking at the sharks, your first top tooth fell out!

Dinosaur Encounters Rheged

What a lucky lad – not only had you received a bunch of presents for your birthday, but the tooth fairy was due a visit too!  And to top it off, we got home and you had pizza for tea – your favourite.  Whilst eating a slice of pizza, another tooth fell out!  A double-whammy for the tooth fairy, and on your birthday too.

And now, we’re on countdown to our holidays to Lanzarote…  A fantastic last three months and now you’re a whole six years old.  Keep doing what you’re doing.  Love you lots like jelly tots, love from Mam xxx

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