Q: 1 Year and 10 Month Update

Quite aware that there’s a 9 month gap since I last wrote a post like this…  I feel so sad that I don’t have the monthly record of how Q has changed since April 2016.  As you know, I started working full-time in May 2016 and this impacted on my time to blog a lot – I was exhausted!  Anyway, I’m not used to it and we’ve found a bit of a routine, so I’m trying to write more updates!  Starting with Q’s 1 Year and 10 Month update…

You were 13 months old when I last wrote a detailed update post – you were sitting on your own and really enjoying food!  Well, you still love your food but now you’re a walking, talking fully-fledged toddler.  You started walking around 16 months, similar to your brother O, and since then you’ve been unstoppable!  You went from walking a few steps at a time, to walking around the house.  You’ve now mastered running and are trying your best to jump.  Your are a rascal adventurous and love to climb; you climb up on to the sofas, onto the dining room chairs and have even figured out how you can get up onto your brothers bed!  (To do this, you empty the contents of his bin onto the floor, turn it upside down and stand on that to get onto the bed – quite intuitive, really).

1 year and 10 months

1 year and 10 months b

You are absolutely full of life, and are so loving and affectionate.  You are always coming to mummy for cuddles and kisses, and show dad you love him by climbing on his back and pretending he’s horse.  He gets lots of cuddles too, of course, but you can’t resist a ‘donkey’ ride!  You get on well with your brother, who is awesome with you considering the age gap, and you play together all the time.  Usually with toy cars and trains, but you’ll both sit and watch Peppa Pig or Paw Patrol all snuggled up.  It’s moments like that that my heart melts as I see my two babies loving each other.


You’re doing really well at nursery, and your main thing to work on at the moment is drinking from an open cup.  It’s resulted in a lot of water-covered clothes so far, but you’ll get the hang of it soon.  You’re very happy playing with the other children.  In fact, I dropped you off after a week off for Christmas and you happily walked in without a flinch. I love that you’re so content there – you love Miss Maisie, Miss Louise and Miss Victoria so much.  You have made some really lovely Christmas crafts at nursery which have been packed away with the other decorations to come back out each year.

Q 1 year and 10 months

Q 1 year and 10 months

This Christmas was the first one you really knew what was happening.  You were talking about Santa and the Snowmen.  You were in complete awe of our Christmas lights outside, in the garden and across the front of the house and would say “Wow!” Every time we pulled up in the car.  You were spoiled rotten, as was your brother, and were lucky enough to receive some really beautiful gifts.  Your favourite has to be your car tracks – you love seeing what else will make it to the bottom!

Q 1 year and 10 months

Q 1 year and 10 months

Before Christmas, it became apparent that you were still struggling with introducing dairy into your diet.  So we visited the GP and are currently awaiting referral to the paediatric dietitian.  It’s been hard over Christmas to keep you on dairy-free items, but now we’re getting back into the swing of things it’s a little easier.  Your ladies at nursery are great at supporting you through this too whilst we try to bottom out your allergies.  I’m sure it’ll all be sorted out soon.

Q 1 year and 10 months

Love you lots like jelly tots, from Mam xxx

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