Must-Visit Tourist Attractions in the Tropical Paradise of the Bahamas  

If you’re dreaming of a vacation with a perfect stretch of unspoiled powdery sand, lapped by crystal clear waters, you’re probably dreaming of an ultimate getaway to the Bahamas. It is made of 700 islands and approximately 2,000 small cays. This tropical paradise is once a haven for pirates and Loyalists. Up to date, it serves as a playground for those who would like to enjoy world-class boating, fishing, diving, snorkelling, and sailing. And to further make the most out of your Bahamian trip, check out these houses for rent in the Bahamas. It’ll surely turn your dream vacation into reality.


Nassau, being the nation’s capital, attracts most of the tourists. There a cruise port on the area which is a mix of shops, entertainment complexes, and even restaurants. The Grand Bahama is on the second place. There are 14 more inhabited islands which make up the so-called Out Islands that are being clustered into groups. Each has its own distinctive features, character, and charm.

Let’s dig deeper into the limitless offerings of this tropical paradise.


Nassau is one of the most popular cruise ship ports in the Caribbean. Visitors flock here to bask on the white sands of Cable Beach, explore the shops and score some souvenir items at the Nassau Straw Market, try delectable cuisine at the restaurants, be aware of the history of the area as you go to the museums and admire the colourful colonial buildings of downtown and Bay Street. For those who are animal lovers, there is a short catamaran ride away from Nassau wherein you can play with dolphins on a day trip to Blue Lagoon Island. There’s also the Ardastra Garden, Zoo, and even Conservation Centre which also allow you to see the endangered and threatened species on four acres of the tropical gardens.

Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park

It is a marine protected area, the first of its kind in the Caribbean. This park features some of the most stunning seascapes with crystal clear water and bone-white sand. This is where divers and boaters assemble who came to see the abundant marine life and dip under the luminous water in electric blues. If you’re lucky enough, on a good day, divers and snorkelers can enjoy a 30-meter-plus visibility. Please be advised that fishing and shelling is permitted within the park’s boundaries.

The Exuma Cays has its own charm. It is mostly the shooting location of the popular movies starring Johnny Depp and even David Copperfield.  The largest of the Exumas is the Great Exuma, then there’s a Little Exuma, and the Staniel Cay which is all popular with boaters who visit the islands to enjoy the wide range offerings of the restaurants in the area. Another exciting activity that awaits you is the swimming with the charming pigs at the Staniel Cay and even the Thunderball Cave which was featured on the namesake James Bond film.

Harbour Island

It is one of the oldest settlements in the Bahamas and known as the site of the first Bahamian parliament. Even the English Loyalists settled here in the 1700s. It became popular due to its pink sand beaches.  You’ll find golf carts on the streets. Visitors feel like they’ve traveled back in time as they sail along the vibrant-coloured cottages that lined up on the streets of Dunmore Town, the island’s only settlement. Here, you can engage yourself in the different activities such as diving, snorkelling, fishing and even admiring the picturesque view while relaxing on the beautiful pink sand beaches.  

Grand Bahama

It is located on the northernmost part of the Bahamian Islands and is a popular destination for those package tourists and cruise ships. Freeport is its capital and known as the second biggest city in the Bahamas. Port Lucaya, on the other hand, is known for its shopping centers, restaurants, and even entertainment. If you want to escape the crowds, be sure to head to the Grand Bahama. It features one of the world’s longest underwater cave system and even home to three national parks which is an ideal place for nature enthusiasts.

Andros Island

The largest landmass in the Bahamas is the Andros Island. This is where you’ll find the third largest barrier reef in the world plus the numerous freshwater blue holes and underwater caves. It’s no surprise that this is a popular destination for divers. Being home to five national parks, Andros has the largest protected area in the Bahamas. Nature lovers will truly appreciate Andros Island. Aside from that, tourists can also drop by the Androsia Hand Made Batik Factory. They create vibrant-coloured fabrics in Bohemian motifs.

Treasure Cay

It is often voted as one of the most stunning beaches in the world. It features a creamy, crescent-shaped shore with the beautiful stretch of powdery sand and luminous waters that wows every visitors. Treasure Cay also hosts one of the well-established fishing tournaments in the Bahamas.

Elbow Cay

It is notable for its New England-style fishing village. Cottages with vibrant colours line the main streets of Hope Town. It is the island’s main settlement. Please be advised that the center of the town is off-limits to vehicles allowing the visitors to experience the ultimate relaxation and village vibes. Hope town is famous for its candy-striped lighthouse. For those who are looking for an unspoiled destination with pretty palm-lined beaches, head to Marsh Harbour, the third largest town which offers excellent boating opportunities. There’s a regular ferry that runs from Marsh Harbour to Elbow Cay.

Editor’s Pick Green Turtle Cay

If you want to step back in time, stroll along the streets of Green Turtle Cay in the Abacos. For those who are tranquility-seekers, there’s a perfect hideaway for you, the East of Great Abaco which features a five-kilometer-long island. Having its stunning beaches and crystal clear waters, Turtle Cay will surely offer excellent swimming, diving, snorkeling and even boating opportunities. This island is just a 10-minute ride from the Treasure Cay.


It is well-known for the “Big Game Fishing Capital of The Bahamas”. It is the closest of the islands to the United States specifically east of the Miami, Florida.  It features a fishhook-shaped cluster of islands namely the North Bimini, South Bimini, and numerous cays that extends south from Pigeon Cay to South Cat Cay. Bimini also hosts a popular deep-sea fishing tournament which runs from March to September. It also notable for its shark and dolphin dives though other highlights when visiting the area includes the Sapona Wreck, Rainbow Reef, and Victory Reef.

Long Island

It is said to be one of the most beautiful islands in the Bahamas. It almost 130 kilometres long. It features sandy beaches on the west coast and steep and a little contrast on the east side which features rocky cliffs that blend perfectly on the backdrop of the sand beaches. The Dean’s Blue Hole, which is known as the deepest saltwater blue hole in the world can also be found in the area. If you’d like to visit the island, it either by air or ferry service that commence from Nassau.

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