Thirty Before 30 : The Verdict

A few months have now passed since my 30th birthday and so I thought now would be a good time to review the Thirty Before 30 post back in 2016 where I listed various things I wanted to do before my 30th birthday.  I thought now would be a good time to review my list and see if I managed to complete anything on there!  Here goes:

So my Thirty before 30 list was…

Visit a Michelin-Starred restaurant I haven’t been to before for a meal

I visited The Forest Side at Grasmere in the Lake District last summer with a couple of work colleagues.  We enjoyed their set menu lunch and it was amazing.  I also tried a glass of organic wine, which was beautiful.  As it’s so close, I intend to visit with A sometime as it really was a brilliant experience.

Take the kids to Legoland

We managed this one too!  I think I included this in my list because I knew we already had it booked – bit of a cheat!  Q was only 8 months old, so he didn’t really know what was going on.  But O was around 5 years old and loved our visit to Legoland.  He really enjoyed the rides and the Nexo Knights show.  The fireworks were fabulous too – especially as we had warm, fresh doughnuts to eat!

Go on a Spa Break with A

Since this post was written, A and I have managed to catch a spa break at Armathwaite Hall, near Keswick just before Christmas 2016.  I had found a discounted rate on Travelzoo, which included an overnight stay, a 3-course dinner in the restaurant and breakfast the following morning.  Because A likes to surprise me, he had upgraded the room to a suite – which was amazing.  Check out my post, link above, for more detail!

Book our Disney, Florida family holiday

This, I haven’t done and won’t be doing before I turn 30.  A and I have discussed this, but feel that Q is too young for a Florida holiday just yet.  To be able to ‘do’ the Disney Florida holiday that we’d like to, we would like Q to be around 6 or 7, so that he’ll remember the trip – and all our hard-earned money to pay for it would then be a bit more appreciated!

Go out for dinner with my oldest friend for a catch-up

Well, this I haven’t managed to do, but my oldest friend has now stopped working weekends so that makes it a lot easier for us to see each other a bit more often!  I did take her out for Afternoon Tea to the Lakes Distillery for her birthday in October, which was great as we got the catch-up as a bonus!  Must make more effort in this department though.  Friendship is so important.

Go out for Afternoon Tea

See above!  I have been out a couple of times to other places too, including Armathwaite Hall, The Trout Hotel and Lingholm Kitchen and Gardens.  Lingholm is the most beautiful place, set in the woods on the edge of Derwentwater.

Go to Another Blogging Conference

I had every intention to attend the BlogOn conference in Manchester in May 2017, but unfortunately illness prevented me from attending.  I haven’t booked onto anything else, but who knows what the future holds!

Britmums Live

Visit Beamish with the kids

We haven’t managed to do this one – maybe one for next year…  The kids have been with their grandparents though so maybe that’s a win?

Go to a Gig

A bought me tickets to see Ed Sheeran for Christmas, so we trotted over to Newcastle in June and had the most amazing time!  Ok, so this was after my 30th birthday, but it was worth the wait.

Take in a professional musical

Well, we’ve been a bit ‘lax on this one since I originally wrote the post, but in the last few months we’ve seen Miss Saigon in Manchester, and Dreamgirls, Aladdin and Hamilton in London for my birthday celebrations!

Host a dinner party

I’m not sure we’ve done this…  well, certainly not a formal dinner party anyway.  We regularly have people over for lunch or dinner, but they generally aren’t 3-course meals with ever-flowing wine…  Must arrange this…

Put up Decking in the garden

Okay, so we haven’t quite finished the garden yet – but we have made a really good start!  We’ve cleared out all the bushes, shrubs and trees that were unmanageable and took up around a third(!) of our garden and had the entire thing re-turfed.  We’re now just waiting for a little patio, decking and a small section of turf to be completed and then we’re sorted.  Roll on dinners outside!

Get to 10 Stone 10 Lbs

I haven’t got to this and I’m starting to think it could be unachievable.  Over the last few months, I’ve lost around 12lbs, but I’m still a good stone away from reaching my goal.  I would like to get a bit more into the ‘healthy’ BMI though, as I’m currently teetering on the upper end of that section.

Decorate Q’s Nursery

We still haven’t done this, although I’ve bought a couple of bits and pieces!  Once he starts spending a little more time in his bedroom rather than ours, I might spend a bit of money on making it more like a little boy’s room!

Let Both Kids Go For a Sleepover

Both kids have been for sleepovers! Huzzah!  Albeit, not that often, Q has stayed out at grandparents a handful of times.  Grandparents have come and stayed at our house too so that A and I could pop out for a few hours, which works just as well.  Unfortunately, Q still doesn’t sleep very well – I think everyone’s waiting for me to confirm that he regularly sleeps through before offering to have him more often!

Complete a Jigsaw

Not an adults one, but we’ve done many toddler ones!

Make the Step into Vlogging

I recorded one vlog but didn’t have the courage to upload…  However, O has since found YouTube and loves watching families go about their daily lives.  The up and coming YouTuber – O!

Finish my Embroidery Project

I can’t find it…  I have lost it…  This is bad, but I’m sure it’ll turn up!

Visit a County I’ve Never Been To

Back at Easter, we visited Llangollen in Denbighshire in North Wales.  I’ve never been there before (yay for one finally off the list!) and we had a fantastic time.  It wasn’t far away from the English border so we also visited Chester Zoo and Cheshire Oaks while we were away.  Bonus – we went with a lovely couple of friends and their kiddies too.

Watch ‘Pretty Woman’

I haven’t watched it yet – but it hasn’t been on for me to watch it!  I don’t have it on DVD, so that could be a request for Christmas?!  Anyway, we’ve watched plenty of awesome films lately – The Greatest Showman, The Theory of Everything and Moana (ha) to name a few.

Sing Karaoke

I haven’t frequented a pub with karaoke on to have had the chance!  But I’m definitely on the lookout…

Make and Decorate a Celebration / Birthday Cake

Last year for O’s 6th birthday, I made his birthday cake!  A circular cake that was decorated like a Pokeball.  He really liked it, despite it not being perfect.

Go to Chester Zoo

We visited Chester Zoo during our holiday to North Wales, and absolutely loved it.  O was super brave through the bat cave, we went on a boat, watched lions crunching animal bones, and spotted a number of monkeys, giraffes and cheetahs.  We spent a full day there and still didn’t do everything.  We would most certainly go back and would recommend it to anyone – with or without kids.

See Blackpool Illuminations

We haven’t yet taken Q to see the Illuminations – maybe this year!

Read a Book all the way through

Well, I’ve surpassed myself!  I got back into reading around 12 months ago and have been reading ever since!  I’ve been reading books by Peter James, Harlan Coben, and Cecelia Ahern.  I’m currently reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.

Northern Lights

Go to a Teppanyaki Restaurant

I visited a Teppanyaki restaurant in Manchester’s Chinatown before we went to see Miss Saigon at The Palace Theatre.  It was an amazing experience and so tasty!

Create a ‘Photo Wall’ in the House

I’m useless – I’ve been meaning to do this since we moved in!!

See a Show in the West End

Done!  Hamilton, Dreamgirls and Aladdin all seen in the West End in the week before my birthday!  They were all fantastic – especially Dreamgirls and Hamilton.  I’d happily see both of those musicals again.

Visit Nando’s for the First Time

In all honesty, I’d rather eat my own arm…

Wow.  We got there in the end – this post took forever to write!  I don’t think I did too badly in all with my goals, but there’s some things on here that I don’t think I’ll ever manage to do… vlogging being one of them!

What did you set as your goal to do before you reached a milestone birthday?

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